Ico_build_test_black_40 Build & Test

Build ready-for-device binaries of your mobile projects for multiple target platforms using one centralized build environment. To keep your assets and source code safe at any time, set up one or more build nodes within your private local network and new build jobs will be distributed into your IT infrastructure. All build results will be uploaded on success and can be managed by application and version.

Ico_manage_black_40 Manage

Manage your users, apps, devices and security profiles in one central place. Provide a fully customizable catalog of your apps and make it the easiest experience ever to get your mobile apps to testers, users and customers. With AppFresh Mobile’s device management features you are not only able to install and remove apps, but also to lock and swipe devices remotely.

Ico_distribute_black_40 Distribute

Distribute new apps and updates with a convenient, over-the-air installation to your users. Using the AppFresh Mobile native or HTML5 App Store, your users can browse your app catalog and install applications with a single tap. Using push notifications you can inform your users about available updates or even install the app remotely on user's managed devices.

Ico_monitor_black_40 Monitor

Monitoring helps you to improve and support your mobile apps. AppFresh Mobile provides all features you need to collect statistics and usage reports to help you understand the way users are using your app. To improve quality and user acceptance, automatically symbolicated crash reports and the console log output of your app is provided per application and version.

Speed up cross-platform mobile app development.

Manage the mobile app life cycle with a single platform.

The complexity of delivering secure mobile solutions and services into organizations is increasing exponentially. With the advancing consumerization of IT and the continuous fragmentation of the mobile market, corporate IT and mobile development is facing new major challenges to keep up with fast innovation cycles and to fully meet growing employee and customer expectations.

To securely deliver mobile services beyond just managing one type of device and integration of corporate mail, todays enterprises need flexible solutions that cover the entire life cycle of mobile apps to support the development as well as the administration, support and monitoring of mobile apps and services.

With AppFresh Mobile the cross-platform development of mobile apps seamlessly integrates with the management of apps, devices, users and policies. Bundled in one central place, from the developer or administrator right to the employee's devices, customers and partners. Deliver mobile management services that will become the foundation of your corporate mobile strategy.


Introduce and support Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) strategies in your organization.

Provide a central place to manage and deploy the increasing number of apps in your company with our Enterprise App Store.

Raise efficiency and reduce efforts for in-house development of mobile apps by managing the complete application life-cycle across multiple platforms.


Deliver secure mobile services within your organization by managing internal and external users, devices, apps and security policies.

Focus on your mobile projects business logic by employing our backend as a service.

Get the feedback you need to support and improve your mobile services by monitoring your applications at runtime.


Manage your build results and archives in one place by centrally building and testing your mobile projects.

Supplement your security rules to test and production deployments at build time without needing a 3rd party SDK.

Securely govern your team's and company's development certificates, source repositories and test devices in one place.

AppFresh Mobile fully supports centralized build and deployment of projects implemented using Software AG's market leading cross-platform technology webMethods Mobile Designer. Implement true native apps for multiple platforms with a single Java source base and do not worry about device or platform specifics. Using AppFresh Mobile there is no need to install all required target SDKs on all your development machines: just setup your webMethods Mobile Designer build machine and let your developers focus on the implementation.


Distributed Build

Building mobile projects for multiple platforms is complex and hard to manage. With AppFresh Mobile's distributed build solution there is now a centralized solution to manage the entire build process of your mobile projects. Just setup your project by configuring the source repositories, certificates, etc. and register any number of build machines in your local network to do the work. To configure a new build machine just install the SDKs required to build your project, such as iOS or Android, and run the AppFresh Mobile client. Different build machines may support different SDK versions and will be selected automatically. For security reasons, all source code and assets will stay in your local network, only the binary build results will be uploaded to AppFresh Mobile.

Application Policies

Application security policies enable adding risk-based context inspection to mobile apps during the build process. It's not only sufficient to support device security and restrictions to implement BYOD or protect test builds of your apps, but also data and service protection has to become part of the application layer to perform runtime security checks and thread detection. AppFresh Mobile now supports adding application policies to your apps without the need of implementing your app using any 3rd party SDK. Add authentication, crash reporting, usage tracking to your apps with just a few clicks. More advanced policies even allow full context inspection such as geoposition, network information, etc.

Device Policies

Managing and securing the devices in your organization is not only important for organizations implementing BYOD or trying to keep track of their device inventory. It's also a must for protecting and controlling devices used for internal and external testing or delivering security sensitive mobile services to users. AppFresh Mobile provides a comprehensive set of features and policies to manage and secure your devices. Apply device restrictions, install certificates or configure them completely from remote. Use the device management features to get up-to-date information about the status of your devices and lock or wipe if security is compromised.


All features of AppFresh Mobile are designed and implemented to support multiple platforms and device types. With the given fragmentation in the mobile market it becomes a must have requirement to provide mobile applications for multiple hardware and software platforms. In order to deliver mobile apps and services to all users and customers, you need to develop for multiple platforms, either native, web-based or using a hybrid technology. AppFresh Mobile distributes your apps and integrates with the vendor App Stores on all platforms. Distributed builds and device management is currently supported for the major platforms on the market.

Choose our on-premise installation option to keep all your data in-house. Our product integrates seamlessly with your company IT infrastructure and can be linked to your Active Directory or LDAP servers to integrate existing users and user groups and provide Single Sign On.

  • Hosted within your company IT infrastructure
  • Keep your data in-house
  • Yearly billing
  • Integrated with Active Directory or LDAP

Our cloud service provides you with more flexibility. It is ready to use within a few minutes, you pay per month for our service, you are able to up- and downgrade features anytime and since it has no minimum contract term you are free to leave at any time.

  • Hosted by metaquark
  • Monthly billing, no minimum contract term
  • Always use the most current version
  • Up- and downgrade features at any time