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AppFresh Mobile is the first cloud based solution that covers the mobile application development life cycle from cross-platform build to monitoring of deployed apps and managed devices. Manage applications, devices, users and security policies with a single platform. More…

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AppFresh for Mac is the most used application and update management utility available for Mac OS X. It helps you to keep all applications, widgets, preference panes and application plugins up to date – all from one place, easy to use and fully integrated. More…

FahrInfo is one of the most popular public transport apps for the iPhone in Germany and was first released by metaquark in 2008, on the day the Apple App Store launched. The apps cover six German cities, among them Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart, and were downloaded by 1.5 million users. In 2011, FahrInfo was acquired by EOS UPTRADE with the goal to add mobile tickets in FahrInfo through the Handyticket eTicketing solution.

In April 2009, Apple showed that they like the app as much as its users by airing this ad on German TV.

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Since 2006, metaquark has been working on technologies that enable developers and enterprises to manage the complexity of cross-platform mobile development environments. With AppFresh Mobile, metaquark is providing a full featured Mobile Enterprise Application Platform as a central service for large and small companies to help manage the entire life cycle of mobile enterprise applications, including distributed cloud builds for all mobile platforms, application security policies, distribution of applications to handsets using a custom Enterprise App Store and extensive monitoring to help improve the quality of applications delivered to employees and customers.

Located in Germany with offices in Berlin and Leipzig, metaquark released AppFresh for application and update management on Mac OS X desktop back in 2007. More than one million people used AppFresh for managing applications, sharing comments and discovering new software on the desktop, long before the iOS and the Mac App Stores were released. With the integration of metaquark created the first application discovery platform on the MAC desktop with hundreds of thousand users and more than 10k registered apps.

After working on mobile products for different platforms, such as the FahrInfo applications, metaquark began to combine all the experience in application management and the true love and passion for mobile technologies, to bring a solution to the public that manages the entire mobile application development life cycle across all platforms. For a long time, the team at metaquark shared every mobile developer's experience: designing, building, releasing and maintaining mobile applications is complex. We wanted it to become much more easier to focus on the project itself, not its infrastructure management. That's what AppFresh Mobile today is all about. Our team and our vision is backed by strategic investor and strong partner Software AG. Together we deliver mobile technologies and projects for some of the biggest enterprises all around the world.

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